Stance-Controlled Orthoses (SCO) are Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO) which enable the user to freely swing their orthotic leg during swing phase and lock it for stance phase, thereby overcoming the limitations of the traditional KAFO.


SCO's are mechanical, electronic or orthotronic systems using a locking mechanism which is either engaged or disengaged during physical activity. The movement pattern is more natural with an SCO which leads to a reduction of compensatory movements and an associated reduction of joint loads, and energy expenditure during walking.

The example provided uses a Otto Bock E-mag Active knee joint system. This is a SCO with an electronic system that locks the knee in the last 15 degrees of knee extension in swing and is locked prior to initial contact. It has a locked mode, free knee mode and stance-control mode. The knee joint does not rely an ankle motion to activate the locking mechanism. The joint is lightweight and low profile and has an audible click when locking. A benefit to this system is that the device is safe to be used for full weight bearing users. Other benefits include multiple activity specific modes.

See below a video on an example of an SCO:


  • Insufficient residual muscle functions to guarantee safe use; lack of knee joint hyperextension
  • No possibility to influence knee joint extension by means of a dorsal stop
  • More than 15° flexion contracture in the knee joint Cognitive disorders
  • Severe spasms so that consistent functionality can not be guaranteed


The E-MAG Active joint system is supplied in a case with all required components. The case contains the entire matched system including a charger, a battery, and the required dummies for installation in an orthosis. The medial support, which is required for every fitting, has to be ordered separately. Furthermore, the matching bars can be ordered as special accessories.


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