NDIS Appointment

We need the NDIS participant's full name, Date of birth, NDIS number and the start and end date of the plan, 

We also need to know if the participant requires a Quote only OR quote & assistive technology form template completed (assessment report) that will justify why an orthosis is required. Fees applies for the assessment report. Contact us for more information.

The consultation will take up to 1 hour to review the patient's background, medical history and physical assessment.

We ask the participant to bring any orthoses they wear to the appointment. Also any referrals and medical history related to the individual's condition. If the participant has any recent X-rays, we also ask they also bring these along to the consultation.

After clinician sends the AT form to the participant, the participant then needs to submit this to their NDIS planner or NDIS. After it's been submitted, the NDIS will need to process the AT form.

Once there is a service booking in our NDIS service provider portal, our Korthotics admin team will contact the participant (or main contact) for an appointment for a casting or a fitting if it is an off the shelf product.


There are 3 different types of funding plans: 

- NDIS (Agency) managed: create service booking on portal from Korthotics with permission of participant to block consultation & assessment report (3 hours) prior to seeing participant

- Third Party (Plan managed): email request from the agent required who can provide a purchase order number OR guarantee of payment for the consultation/assessment report prior to seeing participant

- Self managed: provide invoice to participant on the day of the consultation and will be charged the consultation/assessment report after the initial consultation. Please note that for self managed NDIS plans we require a 50% deposit prior to commencing manufacture or ordering for DMO in addition to the consultation fee.

An AT template is Assistive Technology (AT) form that justifies what is prescribed by the orthotist is necessary for the participant. The Assistive Technology template include: justification: for the orthoses, background, goals relating to the orthoses, deficiency, how device addresses deficiency, functional assessment report, achievement of goals and outcome measures. After the clinician assesses the participant, they will complete the AT form. After it's completed, they would email it to the participant to be submitted to the NDIS.


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