An Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) is also called lower leg orthosis or ankle foot orthosis. The joint in the orthosis assumes the function of the ankle joint or those functions the foot is not able to perform on its own anymore (ie. lifting).

Ankle Foot Orthoses AFO

The AFO can have a foot lifting effect, influence the dorsiflexion (extension of the foot towards the tibia) and the plantar flexion (flexion of the foot towards the ground).

AFO's can be used for a variety of neuropathic, orthopedic and congenital conditions.

AFO'S can be fabricated from high-density thermo plastic ie: polypropylene. Joint systems can also be incorporated into AFO's to allow dynamics.

Our AFO's can be custom made for all age groups, from adults to kids.

Child AFO

    We also offer 3D printed orthoses. See below images of 3D printed AFO's.
    Ankle foot Orthoses

    Humphrey Law AFO socks are available for ordering on our online store here.


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