Commonly used for Hip Dysplasia, the DMO® Pavlik Harness can be worn from birth where the hips are unstable or, in older infants, where there is sub-luxation or dislocation.

The baby’s feet are held in the bootees or stirrups and the harness is adjusted to support the legs into the correct position. Unlike rigid bracing systems, the baby’s legs are free to move, encouraging activity and growth.

DMO Pavlik Harness


  • Hip Dysplasia


  • Correct hip positioning
  • Improved posture


  • Allows for ease of nappy changing 
  • Adjustable straps for varied degrees of flexion and abduction
  • Available in four sizes
  • Available in two foot options (stirrup or bootees)

The DMO® Pavlik Harness is machine washable and available in white.

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