DMO® has two scoliosis suits in it's range. The DMO® Postural Scoliosis Suit is for patients who have a curve showing due to poor sitting position or low spinal muscle tone.

The DMO® Postural Scoliosis Suit has been designed to correct spinal curvature and improve posture. Strategically placed panelling realigns the pelvis and shoulders to provide improved balance and proximal core stability.

Unlike traditional rigid splinting, this design improves balance and stability whilst allowing range of movement.

DMO Postural Scoliosis Suit


  • Neuropathic Onset Scoliosis


  • Spinal curve reduction by up to 50%
  • Spinal curvature up to 30°
  • Corrective spinal curve re-alignment
  • Full range of spinal movement
  • Sensory feedback
  • Encouragement of correct muscle function
  • Pain relief


  • Compression fabric provides the perfect balance between flexibility and support
  • Laterally moves the spinal vertebrae
  • Reinforcement panelling for strength and stability
  • Available in long and short sleeve
  • Optional crotch opening

This product is custom made for a perfect fit. All fastenings, openings and reinforcements are individually prescribed according to your needs and preferences. To be worn under clothing.

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