This Men's Clinch-It Lumbosacral Support is used for lower back support. It uses a two-pull side lace adjustment technique for achieving the perfect fit. This brace also uses cinch-pull adjustable straps for front closure, which is great for people with arthritic hands. The many features the brace includes; elastic releases at the top and groin to ensure comfort and mobility. One pair of pre-shaped twelve inch steels and flexible stays for the front, back and sides are also included. This brace is available in even sizes 30-54.

Freeman Men's Lumbosacral Back Support

Please Note: Leg straps do not come with the brace.


  • Adjustment: Two-pull side lace
  • Front Closure: Three 1-1/2" wide cinch-pull adjustable straps
  • Materials: White canvas
  • Elastic Releases: At top and groin
  • Preshaped Steels: One pair 30cm
  • Flexible Stays: Front, side and back
  • Even Hip Sizes: 30-54
  • Designed for patients with arthritic hands lacking dexterity to use conventional snap-button/hook-and-eye closure
  • Quick and easy-to-fit adjustable front