Our medical grade protective helmets are custom made to each individual user. Helmets are made from plastic using 3D printing or conventional fabrication techniques.


  • Post-operative craniectomy or craniotomy 
  • Cranial vault reconstruction or other cranial surgery 
  • Skull anomalies 
  • Seizure disorders 
  • Instability secondary to poor balance and/or equilibrium reactions 


  • Individuals who are at high risk for facial injuries
  • High impact protection 

Cranial Protective Helmet

3D Printed Cranial Helmet

Cranial Protective Helmet


Our experienced clinical team can manufacture and supply a wide range of custom-made orthoses for you. These include shoe inserts, neck braces, lumbosacral supports, knee braces, and wrist supports. All custom orthoses are manufactured at our facility in Sydney, ensuring prompt delivery and personalised follow-up.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation or if you would like more information call us on (02)8710 4183 or email: enquiries@korthotics.com.au.

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