The DMO® Spinal Wrap is a simple solution to provide core stability improvement without weight or rigidity.

DMO® Spinal Wrap is often used as an assessment tool for creating the DMO® Suit for children.

DMO Spinal Wrap


  • Pelvic support
  • Pain relief


  • Improved trunk control
  • Pelvic and core stability
  • Improved posture
  • Increased sensory feedback


  • Adjustable hook and loop fastening 
  • Available in a range of widths and lengths 
  • Available in black 
  • Nylon fluffed finish
 Style Width  Length 
Narrow fitting – small 80mm 740mm 
Narrow fitting – medium  80mm  960mm 
Narrow fitting – long  80mm 1140mm
Wide fitting – small  160mm 740mm
Wide fitting – medium  160mm 960mm
Wide fitting - long  160mm 1140mm
Extra-wide fitting medium  250mm 1000mm
Extra-wide fitting long  250mm 1500mm

The DMO® Spinal Wrap is available in 3 lengths and 3 widths. Custom Spinal Wraps can be measured for. Machine washable. Available in black only.


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