At Korthotics, getting 3D Printing design files ready for 3D printing combines the efficiency and high technology of the MediACE3D software to prepare a orthosis design. MediACE3D is made by Real Dimensions in Korea. Korthotics is the Australasian & Oceania distributor for MediACE3D. 

MediACE3D CAD Software Screen


MediACE3D is a unique 3D CAD software for custom 3D printed orthosis design. By applying a patented template design algorithm, even beginners can easily and quickly design custom 3D printed orthosis model. This would be for orthotists' looking at designing the 3D orthosis ready for 3D printing. 


Import Ply / STL file
Prepare Mesh
Curve Draw
Curve Trim

Import PLY / STL

Import PLY file with colour imformation

Prepare Mesh

Simplication, smooth, remesh, boolean, split and combine of mesh model

Curve Draw

Create and edit a curve design directly on mesh model surface

Curve Trim

Create trimmed models and thickened models based on curve design

Lattice Generation
Accessory Attach
Pattern Generation
Stamp Label

Lattice Generation

Create a mesh model with lattice structure

Accessory Attach

Add and create accessory models such as fasteners

Pattern Generation

Create vented holes of pattern shapes

Stamp Label

Create label for stamp identification

Complete the final custom orthosis model with edit functions after creating a custom AFO 3D model by setting reference points of the lower extremity and applying template design. Design various lower extremity orthosis easily and quickly such as a brace and cast/splint.


Generate skeleton and ankle joints automatically by setting reference points of lower extremity


Create a new custom orthosis model by applying a same or similar type of orthosis template that user want to design such as brace, cast/splint, etc. from the library.


Automatically add AFO Sole based on skeleton information or easily add joint cap parts for a hinged AFO.


Patient's correction angles of subtalar joint and talocrural joint based on doctor's prescription are applied to model.

Example of foot correction completed in MediACE3D:

Foot Correction

Examples of 3D Printed Orthotics:

Examples of 3D Printed Orthoses

Watch a video on how to create an AFO design in the program:

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