3d Printed Cranial Helmet

Australia’s First 3D Printed Low-Impact Protective Helmet  

Our helmet is fabricated from polymide-11 3D printed plastic custom-made to fit each individual head. Using a high performance Peel 3D scanner, the helmet protects against low impact forces and is lightweight for regular use.  

3D Printed Helmets

Many low-impact cranial protective helmets are made from many types of thermoplastic and foam to absorb energy and protect the head. We’ve impacted tested our 3D printed helmets against those available on the market and they have met and exceeded expectationsThe honeycomb structure has the highest impact strength to weight ratio making it ideal for shock absorption. 3D printing allows us to utilise the honeycomb structure in our helmets to maximise safety while improving comfort and fit.  

Sustainable and minimising waste

At Korthotics, we manufacture our helmets from a plant-based material made from 100% castor bean-oil, also known as polymide-11. This material is sourced by Arkema which also supports sustainable farming practices and fair treatment of workers. Our helmets are produced to fit each individual head which reduces inventory waste and environmental impact of transportation and materials.     

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