3D Printer has arrived


The Korthotics team are excited to have the 3D printer finally in the building and currently in the testing phase before we start printing for our clients. Whilst the team is being trained up on how to use t..

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Health Beyond Research & Innovation Showcase 2019


Our team recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the Health Beyond Research & Innovation Showcase 2019, an event where allied health professionals, nurses, doctors and researchers in south wester..

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E-Mag Carbon Fibre KAFO


This is Somkhit's story: Somkhit contracted poliomyelitis at an early age. He has extensive muscle loss and weakness in his lower limb. Since the age of 5, he had multiple cuff top KAFOs. Somkhit was f..

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A First In 3D Printing


3D Printed With Hydro Graphics This is the first 3D printed dorsi flex assist joints for an adult patient with Picasso hydro graphics in Australia. Our client was simply overjoyed with the end result and c..

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