What is DMO ?

Dynamic Movement Orthotics (DMO) are a relatively new approach to managing abnormal tone and neurological dysfunction. The aim is to improve functional abilities through the application of an orthosis designed to meet individual needs and objectives.

How does it work ?

Each orthosis is made to measure to achieve a snug fit as it is believed that increased pressure on certain muscle groups and improved proprioception via the snug fit of the orthoses leads to better awareness of the affected part of the body. The resistance created by additional layers of reinforcing material adds a biomechanical influence to the improvement in control of movement.

What improvements can be expected ?

As well as improved function from better posture, improved proximal / distal stability and reduced involuntary movements, other benefits may include:

  • pain relief
  • decreased associated reactions
  • easier transfers and
  • improved therapy sessions.

Over time, the desired effect would be for the improvement in function and control of movement to continue after the orthosis is removed i.e. to carry over the effects experienced when wearing the orthosis.

The onset of this carry over effect and the factors affecting its duration is dependent on the individual patient’s presentation and reaction to the treatment.

What types of DMO orthoses are available ?

The orthoses range from a glove for improved hand / upper limb function to a full body suit for whole body involvement. The style and design of the orthosis is based on the wearer's ability and their functional objectives at the time of assessment. An orthotist or other therapist assesses, measures, fits and reviews each orthosis.

Who may benefit from a DMO ?

Patients with neurological dysfunction as a result of cerebral palsy, stroke (CVA), head injury, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions may benefit from wearing a DMO orthosis.

Compliance is an essential part of this treatment both for those wearing the orthoses and those caring for the wearer. i.e. parents, carers, teachers and therapists. Without acceptance of the daily regime of donning and doffing the orthosis, the treatment will not work. 

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