TLSO w/ Anterior Bar

Title: S


Product code: DR-TLSO-1 (Beige colour only)


  • Stable fractures from T8-S1 by limiting flexion
  • Extension & rotation of the spinal column
  • Post-operative & Rehab
  • Ankylosis & osteoporosis of spinal column


  • Strong elastic, excellent breathable mesh material for maximum wear & comfort
  • Thoracic sternum aluminium plate with screws for keeping it firmly in place which can be adjustable according to patient's figure
  • Moulded inserts in the front, back & side pockets provide firm support & keep it firmly in place
  • Two straps in front & abdominal area for intra-abdominal pressure
  • Padded shoulder straps

Size chart

    ** 4XL size available for 122cm-132cm.

This product needs to be applied by clinician and is only available for licensed heathcare practitioners.

Fitting instructions

To see the instructions for the TLSO click here

To order, call us on (02) 8710 4183

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