DMO Adult Stability Shorts

Size: XXS
Gender and Opening Crotch: Male - Open Crotch
Colour: Black


The DMO stability shorts offer benefits similar to the DMO made-to-measure shorts but in a variety of sizes. The DMO stability shorts have been designed to aid lower limb function and posture whilst increasing core and pelvic stability. You can read a full product description below!

The DMO Stability Shorts are made in the following Adult sizes:

Size hip (J)* circumference

  • XXS 80cm – 88cm
  • XS 88cm – 96cm
  • S 96cm – 104cm
  • M 104cm- 112cm
  • L 112cm – 122cm
  • XL 122cm – 132cm
  • XXL 132cm – 142cm

* Take snug hip measurement (widest part of buttocks) and correspond to size above.

Please specify the following when placing an order:
Size: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

Colour option: Black or Beige

Opening: Open or Closed crotch


PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER item. The product will be dispatched after 5-6 weeks after placing the order as stock is made in the UK.

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