Bailey Fleming - DMO Glove

In day to day use, the glove helps by supporting my hand – it makes simple tasks like picking things up a lot easier. I can be a lot more independent, it gives me a lot more confidence.

Bailey Fleming was born with Hemi-plegia on his right side and has been using DMO’s for 10 years; in fact, he was probably one of the first people to start using our products. Like most boys, Bailey enjoyed playing football from a young age and has grown to become a very accomplished player, establishing his place in the England CP Football squad for the past 3 years. This achievement has seen Bailey acquire 4 official England Caps and has taken him to hallowed soccer locations such as Rio in Brazil.

Below Bailey tells us how he became involved in CP Football, his achievements and aspirations for the future.

Bailey Fleming – Patient Perspective

My parents found out about DMO’s through Moulsham Grange Children’s Centre when I was about two years old. I’ve been using DMO’s for about 10 years and have had 7 gloves through the years. My mum still has them all!

I started playing football with my friends at about five or six years old and then started playing for a local team when I was ten. I was playing in mainstream teams until I was 16. I’ve loved football since I was young and it was also great to train with my mates from school.

I got into CP Football when I started college at Otley after talking to Steve Bartlett, one of the CP England football coaches. I started going to disability training days in Ipswich at Inspire Suffolk. I played my first regional match in October 2012. After making it into the Regional Squad, I was put forward for the England Development Squad which was brilliant. I played in the Development Squad for 2 years and have recently joined the England Senior Squad, where I was selected to play for the England U19’s in Sãn Paulo, Brazil.

The use of my DMO Glove has really helped me with my football. It really improves my balance and allows me more movement and to be more mobile. It gives me a lot of support when I’m running. It also gives me a lot of confidence on the pitch.

In day to day use, the glove helps by supporting my hand – it makes simple tasks like picking things up a lot easier. I can be a lot more independent, it gives me a lot more confidence.

I’m also lucky enough to make my passion for football my job. I now work at Inspire Suffolk as a sports coach for schools and the football PDC for Inspire which is great. My main ambition is to stay in the England Senior Squad and then get into the GB Paralympic Team.

Anna Cartwright – Clinical Perspective

Bailey’s hemiplegia results in a presentation of high tone in his right forearm and hand. This leads to a flexed wrist position and difficulty extending his fingers. He also experiences reduced ability to externally rotate his shoulder and achieve a functional rotation of his forearm externally (supination). We addressed these difficulties by incorporating reinforcements to facilitate thumb abduction and wrist extension. We were also able to incorporate rotation panels to facilitate supination. For his latest glove, Bailey specified that he would like additional length on the fingers, to improve his ability to achieve greater finger extension. We were able to customise Bailey's glove according to his needs and preferences, which has really helped with ensuring he uses it daily and finds it effective. Bailey recently reported back, saying he is really pleased with the new design and is seeing great functional benefits, on and off the pitch, due to the improved functional position of his upper limb and hand.