NDIS Participant FAQ

NDIS Participant FAQ

What do I need for an initial consultation?

  • NDIS participant: has NDIS number & start and end plan date
  • Book an hour consultation to see an orthotist (fee applies)
  • Quote required OR quote & assistive technology form template completed (assessment report) that will justify why an orthosis is required (fee applies for the assessment report)
  • Sign service agreement: name, number, D.O.B, permission to access plan online or copy of plan
  • NDIS goals needs to be provided prior to the consultation and emailed to: enquiries@korthotics.com.au

How is the plan managed?

  • NDIS (Agency) managed: create service booking on portal from Korthotics with permission of participant to block consultation & assessment report (3 hours) prior to seeing participant
  • Third Party (Plan managed): email request from the agent required who can provide a purchase order number OR guarantee of payment for the consultation/assessment report prior to seeing participant
  • Self managed: provide invoice to participant on the day of the consultation and will be charged the consultation/assessment report after the initial consultation

What is an AT template?

  • An AT template is Assistive Technology (AT) form that justifies the what is prescribed by the orthotist which is required by the NDIS
  • Assistive Technology template include justification: background, goals relating to orthotics, deficiency, how device addresses deficiency, functional assessment report, achievement of goals and outcome measures 
  • Provide AT template form completed to participant to be provided to the NDIS/planner

What happens once the NDIS assessment report & quote has been approved?

  • Korthotics will contact the participant for an appointment and provide a service booking for casting and manufacture fitting