Dynamic Movement Orthotic Shorts & Leggings

Where improvement in pelvic stability, hip & knee extension and the treatment of gait patterns is required, these orthoses may benefit patients with:

  • Diplegia - flexed pattern walking
  • Low tone
  • Hemiplegia

The individual orthosis designs allow prescribers to specifically treat the affected limb independently.

At fitting and after 2 1/2 years in dynamic leggings. The patient presented with diplegia and flexed pattern walking. At initial fitting some internal rotation was still evident, a second layer of reinforcement was applied. After 2 1/2 years the leggings were withdrawn.

The aim of these orthoses may be to encourage a more upright standing position, reduce a 'scissor' gait / internal rotation of the leg and reduce walking effort.

Leggings may be used in conjunction with other orthoses such as Ankle Foot Orthosis, Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis and insoles.

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DMO Contour V DMO Contour V (1463 KB)

DMO Dorsiflex Socks DMO Dorsiflex Socks (1645 KB)

DMO Leggings & Shorts DMO Leggings & Shorts (841 KB)

DMO Rehab Glove DMO Rehab Glove (1890 KB)

DMO Shoulder stabilizer DMO Shoulder stabilizer (846 KB)

DMO standard suit DMO standard suit (822 KB)



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