Custom Made

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)/Long caliper

KAFO's are prescribed for a variety of conditions. These conditions can vary from Polio, congenital (Spina Bifida), Neurological (Charcot Marie Tooth) to traumatic (Spinal Cord Injury).

The design and materials used in the fabrication of KAFO's is related to the individuals needs.

The prescribing Doctor/Physiotherapist and Patient are made aware of what type of KAFO will achieve the needs and goals. Materials can also vary from leather, high density thermoplastic to carbon fibre. The joint components used can enhance independence, function and gait. The orthotist selects these.


More Information

Our experienced clinical team can manufacture and supply a wide range of custom-made orthoses for you. These include shoe inserts, neck braces, lumbosacral supports, knee braces, and wrist supports. All custom orthoses are manufactured at our facility in Sydney, ensuring prompt delivery and personalised follow-up.

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