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The E-MAG Active is the first electronically controlled system knee joint with a locked stance phase and free swing phase that is not dependent on the ankle and sole of the foot.

The E-Mag Active was developed for patients who, due to paresis or complete failure of the knee extensors, are unable to stabilize their knee joint without compensating measures. Safe use of the E-MAG Active knee joint system requires certain residual muscle functions or hyperextension of the knee joint. This guarantees consistent activation of the swing and stance phases. While the knee joint system is controlled unilaterally, it always has to be equipped with a medical support. The E-MAG Active is approved for a body weight of up to 85 kg. Ankle functionality is not required. The E-MAG Active may also be used in case of leg shortening or with orthoprostheses.


  • Insufficient residual muscle functions to guarantee safe use; lack of knee joint hyperextension
  • No possibility to influence knee joint extension by means of a dorsal stop
  • More than 15° flexion contracture in the knee joint Cognitive disorders
  • Severe spasms so that consistent functionality can not be guaranteed

Delivery condition

The E-MAG Active joint system is supplied in a case with all required components. The case contains the entire matched system including a charger, a battery, and the required dummies for installation in an orthosis. The medial support, which is required for every fitting, has to be ordered separately. Furthermore, the matching bars can be ordered as special accessories.


More Information

Our experienced clinical team can manufacture and supply a wide range of custom-made orthoses for you. These include shoe inserts, neck braces, lumbosacral supports, knee braces, and wrist supports. All custom orthoses are manufactured at our facility in Sydney, ensuring prompt delivery and personalised follow-up.

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